I once read that the most beautiful love story could never be found in any of those stories we’ve read or movies we’ve watched but only in the eyes of the two persons who loved each other truly. And I could only agree. I am never a fan of fairy tales and happy endings though I am aware of the fact that majority of the teens like my age believed and embraced the idea of it. For me, it’s just a crap and would never exist in reality.

                In my existence, I promised not to fall in love for it would only give me aches and pains just like what my friends experienced. I was able to shield myself from that potent emotion. I was doing fine keeping that promise to myself until he came along.

                It was in the sixteenth summer of my life when I first fell in love. I fell in love with my childhood friend. I didn’t see it coming but I suddenly realized that he was the guy I’ve been waiting for so long. He was all that I’ve asked for if ever I would fall in love. Yes, I’ve promised to myself not to but if you were on my shoes and well I guess when cupid strikes, there’s no way out but to face it.

                I still can remember that even if we were classmates from nursery to high school, there was never a time we got close. We were civil to each other though. Our parents were best of friends but we never became like them. May be it was due to lack of common interest or what not. We simply don’t mind each other way back.

               So when that summer came and I was busy with my enrolment at the university I wished to study, I was really surprised that we were enrolling in the same course-AB JOURNALISM. What happened was, I was falling in line when I bumped with the guy in front of me. It was him-Jolo. I apologized and he just smiled, then we chat afterwards. Because of that incident, we became close-an unusual thing for us.

                From then on, he was my constant companion. We even hang out at Boracay to enjoy our summer before the classes start. We were really close and I couldn’t help but sigh every time he acted sweet to me. He was also overprotective to me. And during that short period of summer, I broke my promise to myself and fell in love with him.

                Of course I never told him what I feel until one day he confessed that he has feelings for me too. I thought my love for him is unrequited but it isn’t. I was really happy that day. It happened so fast and we officially became lovers.

                I could not ask for more. He was everything that I wanted. He was always there for me. We also do good in our studies. We were inseparable plus the fact that we’re classmates. We had petty fights but our love stood still for us. Our love pulled us together. After college, we both worked as writers in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. We loved our work that it lasted for three years after we decided to quit and start our tour around the globe.

                We both came from a well-to-do family so money is never an issue for us. To mention a few of the places we went: London, Zurich, Rome, USA and our last stop was Paris. At the center of the Eiffel tower, he proposed marriage to me and the rest was history.

                Probably, one would think that we lived happily ever after just like all the fairy tales in this world. Unfortunately, we happened to have a twisted fate because before the plane landed at NAIA, a plane crash happened. The next thing I know was that I woke up in the hospital and my parents told me that he didn’t make it.

                It pained me knowing that I’ve survived but I lost him. I could only wish that I should have died too. What was the purpose of living if my reason for living is gone? I couldn’t utter a word but the tears running down to my face explains what I am feeling. He was my everything and now that he’s gone, the happy ever after I dreamed and wanted would never come true.

                At his wake, in the midst of my desolation, I remembered what a friend told me way back in high school. Because I loved Mathematics and she was a hopeless romantic, she told me three of the saddest love stories about Math: “TANGENT LINES who have one chance to meet and then parted forever; PARALLEL LINES who have no chance to meet; and ASYMPTOTES who can get closer and closer but would never be together.” I realized we are the tangent lines. I smiled bitterly at the thought. 

                Because of him, I learned to believe in fairy tales and happy endings. We may never have a happy ending but I still consider our story a fairy tale. I was the princess whom the prince asked to marry him after many years of being together. A twisted fairy tale though because the prince died trying to save his princess.

                With what happened to us, I’ve realized fairy tales do exist, even happy endings for others. Yes there is this concept of “happy endings” but people failed to notice one fact about fairy tales–it happened “once upon a time.”


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