I don’t want to write this poem

I don’t like to offer you one

I don’t like this to be ordinary

Because for me you are extra-ordinary.

I will be judged again by this work

I will be a laughing stock for others

I will be an inspiration for some

But in the end, I’m sure there will be reaction

I’m afraid to say your name

I’m afraid this will be in vain

I’mafraid you might not understand

Because you don’t know at all that this one’s for you.

I remember the first time I saw you-

I never liked you.

I remember the first time you smiled at me-

I melted instantly.

I remember the first time you said “hi”-

I just felt so high and alive

And I remember the first time I wrote a poem for you—

I was so sleepy –as always.

I know you’re just another dream

I know you’re just passing by

I know by this time, I should start moving on

I know everything but I don’t know how to begin again.

I’ve been into love,

I’ve been into a deep pain,

I’ve been into moving on.

I’ve been into letting go

–this time—

I’ve been into loving you.

I want to write a story

But my time isn’t enough

I want to write a song

But my skill isn’t enough

I want to know you more

But again, my time wasn’t enough

So I wrote you a poem

But I know this isn’t enough.

You might wonder why this happened

You might ask what have you done

You might be confused if these are all true

You might be saying,

I’m stupid for having this feeling for you.

I tell you-I don’t know why this happened

I tell you- you’ve never done something

I tell you- I’m also confused

I tell you- I’m not stupid because of this feeling for you.

Thank you for that one euphoric day,

Thank you for that pleasant smile,

Thank you for being you and—

Thank you for the odd beat of my heart when I’m with you.

For months, I stopped writing.

For months, I stopped dreaming.

For months I stop breathing but

For this month, I started believing.

I am just ordinary.

I am just plain and even clumsy.

I am damsel but not in distress anymore.

I am not in love with you—


Note: I wrote this last march 2013 and actually it was dedicated to my crush during that time 🙂


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